Hacking Deterministic Bitcoin Addresses

Bitcoin's almost 10 year lifespan so far has subjected the technology and its' implementation to all kinds of attack and critical inquiry. Meanwhile the value of Bitcoin as a tradable instrument has also fluctuated wildly as I'm sure you already know. I'm not here to speculate on Bitcoin's so-called value, or the unfortunate aspects of … Continue reading Hacking Deterministic Bitcoin Addresses

Huntercoin node on Ubuntu 16.04

Following on from some recent research into Cryptocurrencies, I've been looking at the somewhat unique Huntercoin. It claims to be a so-called "human mine-able" cryptocurrency. I'm not so much interested at the moment in actually playing what I presume is some kind of online game for mining the coins, as I see there is a core … Continue reading Huntercoin node on Ubuntu 16.04

Building a Namecoin server with Ubuntu 16.04

In what has turned out to be an in-depth look at multiple cryptocurrencies recently, I've been having a deeper look into Namecoin. This research has meant having to spin up test virtual machines and since Ubuntu 16.04 is my server OS of choice (the 64-bit LTS server version) here's how I've setup a Namecoin node. Your results … Continue reading Building a Namecoin server with Ubuntu 16.04